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If you are thinking of giving an older dog a home please consider welfare that have rescue dogs looking for good homes

contact - welfare@thesouthernnewfoundlandclub.co.uk

contact - Marion wilks, National Coordinator, at The Newfoundland Club Tel:01886 833711

contact - Sheena MacDonald 01270 501355 The Northern Newfoundland Club


Puppy at 10 weeks old

Adult at 2 years

please be aware of the great needs of a Newfoundland in your life before purchasing one, they are great family Dogs but also need a lot of time for grooming due to their huge double coat which can become matted easily, they also need exercise daily and training as a puppy straight away to make sure you have a well adjusted adult dog that is not too much for you to handle when they get to their teenage months and weigh around 50 kilos female/55-60 kilos male, also plenty of garden space is essential.Welfare see far too many young dogs that families can no longer cope with, dont let this happen to your cute 8 week old puppy !

if you have any doubts that a newfie is far too time consuming for you then think long and hard before getting one please