Chateaunewf Newfoundland's are from September 2012 once again Doug and Sharon after Sue retired from the kennel.

During this long and succesful partnership Sharon, Doug & Sue made up a uk home bred champion at CRUFTS 2012 - the first bitch in 6 years to make champion at Crufts and only the 2nd in 13 years, An IRISH Champion, achieved 6 stud book entry certificates, made up an INT CH, danish CH, dk CH, SK CH, CZ CH, POL CH, CRO CH, HUN CH, A CH, Multi BIS winner, Multi BISS Winner, Multi INT CH Title, 3 x FCI BIS, 1 x FCI RBIS, Top European Winning uk based Newfoundland 2007/2008/2009/2010, Czech Club CH, SK Club CH, SK GRAND CH, SrB JCH, CRO JCH, 2 x IreJCH, 2 x Celtic JW '11', Celtic Winner '12', over 70 certificates, peppo rossi top italian Newfoundland 2 years running, SNK Top Dog 2007/2008, 3 x RCC's CRUFTS, 1 x CC at CRUFTS making UK Champion Title & BOS Winner, Multiple UK Club Show Best Bitch Titles, Multiple Best veteran in breed Titles, Multiple water test passes, Multiple PAT Dogs approved, Multiple CACIB's, RCACIB's, CC's, RCC's, CAC's, RCAC's, GS's, RGS's, Multiple BOB/Group & BIS Wins across Europe, The UK & Ireland !!!!

this is all as well as handling for other Kennels with CC, RCC, BOB, Group, RBIS, BIS & BOS Wins

all in all our wonderful Dogs have done us SO PROUD

We have also had the GREAT privelage along the way to Guest kennel so many Top Winning Dogs from around the World to improve our Bloodlines - so our huge Thanks go to

Sonia & Vlado krockovci - King of Helluland kennels

Manlio Massa - Cayuga Kennels

Bela Siklosi - Skipper's Kennels

Patrica Melara & Angel Maestro - Anmalamula & Basaburura Kennels

Oreste & Milena Polloni - Thickish Kennels

Kim Farr & Dave Turner - Kalibah Kennels

Martine Michel - Des oursons de Svalbard Kennels

THANK YOU for your great trust in us


also a huge THANK YOU to our Handler - Gabor Maroti - Maroteam Kennels in Hungary for our long and hugely succesful partnership





Our history within the Breed is that Sharon fell in love with Newfies in 1995, Her first Newfie was a beautiful Landseer called Moki and it was with her that Sharon started showing in 1995 and having some good success. Moki later had a litter with her Breeder and from this sharon had her second Newfie a male Landseer called Woodie, who went on to have a great early showing career with many best puppy awards and also being placed twice at Crufts 1998. It was in 1997 that Sharon met Doug and Chateaunewf Newfoundland's as a larger aspiring Show kennel was created. After learning about the breed for 5 years we bred our first Chateaunewf puppies

Why Chateaunewf?  Doug has a love of France and so the French connection was deemed appropriate for our UK 'Newf home'/'House of Newf' or Chateaunewf!!

After many years of developing and learning about the breed in 2007 Sue joined Sharon and Doug on the affix and the Dogs went into a long and succesful partnership

Although we have participated and enjoyed all aspects of the breed including water and draught work, our passion is for showing these amazing dogs. We are currently members of The Newfoundland Club, The Southern Newfoundland Club and The italian societe amatori terranova (SAT) Club.



Sharon is a breed specialist judge for Newfoundlands and has also judged Leonbergers, Great danes and neopolitan mastiffs in Great Britain and has judged one Breed Club Open show to date as well as being a Steward. Doug is a recognised breed specialist judge for Newfies as well as many other breeds and has judged all breeds in the working group in great britain along with ECT Landseers, Riesenschaunzer's, Boxers and many others in fci grp 2 at national shows in Italy and is also a steward. Sue is a steward and is learning to judge having also taken some Kennel club exams.

Sharon is on the B list breed specialist with the Northern Newfoundland Club, Southern Newfoundland Club and the Newfoundland Club.

Doug is on the B list breed specialist with the Northern Newfoundland Club and Southern newfoundland Club and the C list breed specialist with The Newfoundland Club.



Our breeding program is aimed to produce top quality, healthy newfies for many to enjoy whether as a pet or to Show or for working or as PAT Dog/Companion Animals and we offer full support to our offspring for all of their life, we hope you enjoy this fantastic breed as much as we have and the great love they have for people makes them for us unrivalled as a Breed.